Blueprint of Kip Therapy

We've redesigned therapy around one goal: giving you the best care experience.

Find out why our clients say therapy with Kip is "simply beyond compare"

1. The Therapist

The best therapists are not just trained and certified, but curious, creative, and empathetic. They make you feel comfortable. They're astute observers who quickly connects the dots between your life, goals, and values.

Before joining our team, every therapist is carefully vetted to ensure they meet the Kip Standard. We accept only 5% of those who apply.

2. Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice (EBP) are treatments that are based on scientific evidence and backed by clinical trials. You may have heard of evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

All Kip therapists use EBP methods in their practice.

3. The Appointment

Online therapy is trendy these days. It's also great for those who can't see a therapist in-person. But it's a lesser quality experience than seeing your therapist face-to-face.

You can't replace the power of the face-to-face interactions, so we don't try. With Kip, you meet your therapist in person. But your experience goes way beyond that.

4. The App

Unlike traditional therapy, the Kip experience happens inside and outside the office. Your Kip app lets you track progress, build good habits, message and share notes with your therapist in-between visits. When you do, your therapist gets a fuller picture of your overall well-being and valuable data to work with. Think of it like a glucose monitor in the treatment of diabetes.

As one of our therapists puts it: “In traditional therapy, I get a tiny window into my client's week. With Kip, I get to see the whole landscape”

5. The Kip Hour

A Kip hour is more productive than a traditional therapy hour because your therapist has more data to work with – droves more data. Information shared via the Kip app is captured in the moment; it has important details that your therapist would otherwise not see.

When you sit down in session, your therapist interprets your week right along with you and helps you decide the most important things to discuss.

6. Easy Scheduling and Simple Pricing

Open the Kip app, tap on a time that works for you, then show up to your appointment. It's that easy. No playing phone tag or figuring out long lists of acronyms. Pricing is kept simple at $165 per session so that you choose your therapist based on fit, not price. Not clicking with someone? Switching is just as easy.

We've taken time and care to find the very best therapists, so you don't have to.

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